22.10.2020. Taking part in an online exhibition "Atstatuvums"

with a new project "Anointed"

3.09.2021. Smart Corpses. New performance with Latvian poet and sound artist Artūrs Punte during opening event of contemporary art festival Survival Kit at Noass.  

16.01. 2020. New expanded cinema performance "Hypnos" together with sound artist Maksims Šenteļevs which is going to be presented at Tromsø International Film Festival in a very exciting venue Stakkevollan Svømmehall, Tromsø, Norway. Work is comissioned by Kurant 
22.04.-10.05.2020. I am taking part in "Mycelia" project which resulted a an exhibition at Platform art centre in Munich, Germany. Taking part with a photograph "Touch" and 80 pieces of 35mm "Fungusfilm" slides

12.12.19 – 23.02.20 Installation with my latest work "Commission" in Arsenals exhibition hall in exhibition "Unexpected Encounters". Curated by Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art.

New music video for Jo Berger Myhre / Ólafur Björn Ólafsson (Hubro Records)

27.-28.09.2019. Taking part in AVANT festival with a brand new expanded cinema performance "Seven Sins of Memory" together with Maksims Šenteļevs. And representing film programme of Baltic Analog Lab members

14.09.2019.-14.10.2019.Taking part in a group show in Copenhagen in Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in a group show "Unexpected Encounters - Possible Futures" curated by Latvian Centre For Contemporary Art with my new speculative fiction film "Commission" shot in Georgia and Latvia 2019

2.06.-28.10.2018. I am very honoured to be amongst participating artists of the 1st Riga Inernational Biennial of Contemporary Art happening in various venues this summer/autumn. Taking part with my work "Sisyphus Condition" being installed at the former textile factory Bolshevichka

22.09.18 - 30.11.18  Contemporary art exhibition “Shared History” Art Museum "Riga Bourse" 

Curated by LCCA

26.04.-17.06. 2018. My work "Equal Tense" is taking part in  two shows this week - 26.04.2018. as part of La Nuit de l'Instant event during Glasgow International festival. The next day 27.04.2018. in a group show "Moving Landscapes"  at Latvian National Museum of Art  which is originally comissioned by Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art for the project. 

08.09.2018. Intermediate State. Vibration. Audio-visual 50 channel video installation during the White Night festival. Taking part as a video artist with a piece I shot on 16mm together with dancers Eva Kronberga and Modris Opelts

January 13 - March 24, 2018. Presenting a new 16mm film "Equal tense"  in a group exhibition in Paris. "Portable Landscapes" is a research project initiated by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art- LCCA. Opening next week in collaboration with Villa Vassilieff in Paris it is called "Akademia. Performing Life", looking at the history of utopian commune Akademia lead by American artist, dancer and philosopher Raymond Duncan and Latvian dancer, weaver and writer Aia Bertrand. With archival material and works by artists (-)Auteur, Mercedes Azpilicueta, Ieva Balode, Yair Barelli, Aia Bertrand, Raymond Duncan, Ieva Epnere, Barbara Gaile, Daiga Grantina, Myriam Lefkowitz, Mai-thu Perret, Andrejs Strokins. Curated together with Solvita Krese and Camille Chenais.

30.05.-2.09.2018. Taking part in GLANDULA MAMMAE - A Contemporary Art Exhibition about Female Breasts at Pauls Stradiņš Museum of Medicine. My work "Flesh to Flesh" consists of 16mm film, sound and objects in a space. Work was made with participation of butoh dancer Laura Feldberga and musician Dana Indāne.

29.06. - 1.07. Taking part in music festival Into The Valley with my new work "Sisyphus Condition" - a film shot on super8 in Madeira island featuring actor Cillian Roche (IE). Festival happens in Rummu quarry, Estonia

10.05.-10.06.2018. Presenting my new work "Axious Body" in Riga Photomonth this year within feminist exhibition "Wool and Silk.New Erotic" at the Latvian Museum of Photography. Exhibition opening will be accompanied with a new expanded cinema performance "God Is Putting Lipstick On" together with Jeļena Glazova

Process festival 2017. My curatorial project with Baltic Analog Lab


2.02.-8.04.2018. My "Invisible Images" are  taking part in a group show "Looking outside, looking inside"  alongside with Latvian photographers and artists Arnis Balčus, Ieva Epnere, Romans Korovins, Līga Spunde, Alnis Stakle at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia

Video documentation of Parnassius mnemosyne  - audio-visual event in White Night festival in former KGB building, Riga, Latvia. Curated by me and partners - Jeļena Glazova and Andris Indāns. Performing together with sound artist and poet Jeļena Glazova with freshly made 16mm film and slide performance

Upcoming shows: 17 November,2017 I am doing live analog visuals for Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski (USA) at One One Riga  and from 17-20th November my video installation "Dreaming" is installed in Riga Botanical garden within Staro Riga festival.

"Invisible images" published by Lithuanian independent publishers No Routine Books . Available here

I am delighted to take part in an opera play "Eugene Onegin" as a video artist. Premiering it on 8.12.2016. at Latvian National Opera and Baley

I've been featured in this years FK magazine female issue 

Latvian Photography 2016 from FK on Vimeo.

I've been featured in series of FK magazine short video portraits. Watch more Latvian photographers in their You Tube channel

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