Ieva Balode ©

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  1. Touch. Digital print,100x150 cm, Network/Fungusfilm.80x 35mm slides, for "MYCELIA" collaborative project with Silke Bachmann in Platform Art Gallery, Munich, 2020


    Whilst the capitalist driven world is expecting highest performance of our work load and production, which is mostly achieved by competition as driving force of economics and power, there are also other means of coexistence which can be found in a nature. Mycelia as a network of fungi bacteria, which is responsible of nurturing and connecting plants and trees through the soil, can be used as an analogy of the way human world can support each other and in particular, female world which historically has been exposed to many injustices and male empowerment. Instead of fighting for their power and competing with another women, we can resist by cooperation and mutual support as sister to sister gives hand to each other to reach further together.

    The viewer sees a black and white photograph where two hands are depicted holding each other and reaching for mutual support. On a side of an image is a projection of 80 35mm analog film slides which depicts process of fungus growing on the actual film. Part of the slides shows a process of fungus growing on a film surface and the other slides are the actual film where fungus was growing on. 

    Installation shots by: Florian Goberge