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  1. Intermediate State. Vibration. 50 channel video installation. White Night festival. Riga, 2018

    Audio-visual installation “Intermediate State” is a search for the initial sound and picture in academic, electronic music and video art for more than three years. A 30-minute long process “Intermediate State. Vibration” (2018) is a concluding part and a follow-ap of the other parts in the series “intermediate State. Light” (2016) and “Intermediate State. Sound” (2017).

    The viewers, surrounded by the number of screens in the installation room, can find themselves on a mythological boat that takes them through different states of consciousness letting them experience the birth of sound and picture and at the same time look into themselves to see where the present state of consciousness is heading them to.

    This years theme was "Vibration" which is inspired by concept of oxygen molecular process of binding and releasing energy caused by the impulse. I interpreted the theme using two dancers Eva Kronberga and Modris Opelts who played out molecular processes in terms of human relationships.

    Installation was made in collaboration with sound artists Sound Meccano, Anna Ķirse, Selffish, Linda Leimane, Oskars Herliņš, Platons Buravickis and video artists Ieva Balode and Viktors Keino. 

  2. Photo: Ģirts Raģelis