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  1. Fatherless. 2009-2011. 12 photography diptych 


    “Fatherless” is a story told in twelve diptych about girls who for various reasons have spent their childhood without a father. These are their most vivid memories, clothed in photographic visions and texts written by the girls themselves. “These stories are not only about fathers and their lonely or not that lonely daughters; they are also about mothers, families, women, men and, in the end, about love and fate,” says the author. “Where is the father?” asks Ieva Balode and explains that it is a question she is asking herself while thinking of surrounding broken families nowadays.
    These photo essays were started in the summer of 2009 in Latvia, but later the project was continued in Finland, where the author met girls with similar problems. The project was realized from 2009 till 2011.