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  1. Anonymous History. Digital print on glass, black wooden boxes on stands. Collaborative project with Alexey Murashko, Latvian Centre for Contemporary art at Art Museum Riga Bourse. 2018


    Collection of Art Museum Riga Bourse consists of artworks and treasures brought from far away countries by mayors, merchants and other noble people of Riga in 18th -19th century. Their portraits are seen in one of the museum’s rooms. However none of them are females as most likely they were not allowed on the ships traveling to those far countries.

     It hasn’t been even a century since females gained their rights for voting, working and traveling, however  their history before that remains unclear. What kind of collections women would create if only they had a chance? What would be the history written by them?

     I’ve been lucky enough to be born in times when I am allowed to get education, express myself in a public space and travel around the world and make a collection of my own – collection that consists of found images from 20th and 19th centuries. In this exhibition I am taking part with my  collected images of traveling women from Portugal, France, Germany, USSR and Greece. I have no clue what are their names neither who are the people behind the camera, the only thing I know is country where it comes from and the fact that in the times when these images were taken women were allowed to travel.

    One of the images is also a portrait of myself in Ireland taken by Cillian Roche as was my own female contribution in the room of collectors portraits.