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  1. Smart Corpses. Expanded cinema performance by Ieva Balode and Artūrs Punte 2021
    40 min, 2x 35mm slide projectors, 1x 16mm film projector, 1x kodoskops, external shutters, magnetic microphones, live voice, pedals


    Analog projection, poetry and sound performance. The text written specially for this performance gradually reveals the picture of the fate destroyed by the current of time. This narration is illustrated with manipulated images of the exhibits of the Medical History Museum of P. Stradiņš Museum and the RSU Museum of Anatomy, which in the context of the performance acquire a clearly existential message. The ascetic sound accompaniment is created entirely on site, using only the poet's voice and the noise generated by the film projectors, thus merging the living with the mechanical.


    Performed during opening of contemporary art festival "Survival Kit" and poetry festival "Poetry days" at Noass art centre, Riga, Latvia, September, 2021.