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  1. It took a long time for it to open its leaves
    Audio-visual performance by Ieva Balode and Biliana Voutchkova
    3x 16mm film projectors, external shutters, violin. 35min, 2023
    Comissioned by Skaņu Mežs and Shape platform

    Ieva's and Biliana’s first collaboration engages in a multifaceted dialogue between their artistic tools and the environment they reflect upon. They are responding to the stimulus found in the processes of transformation in nature, applied to human psychological states which informs their real-time audio-visual composition. A tree documented throughout winter, spring and summertime reflects on the time passing and inevitable transformation involved in it. As whimsical as it happens the tree fell down shortly after being documented for this very work leaving its only remaining trace on the photochemical film and its multiple copies.

    16mm abstract film loops alongside a textural sonic mix of field recordings by machines used by Ieva whilst producing the work using contact printer, steenbeck and other sounds together with violin and voice by Biliana, create a complex artistic ecology, subtly changing the perception of the natural world.

    Performed at

    Noass art space in Riga, June 2023

    WHS Theater Union, Helsinki, March 2024