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  1. Equal Tense 16mm and super8 film transferred to HD video installed in a space.'07 min . Self-published take-away magazine. Shown in "Akademia:Performing Life"  at Villa Vassilief, Paris 2018.


    Curated by LCCA, “Portable Landscapes”explores reasons behind emigration of Latvian cultural personalities and the imprints they have left in their residing country back in beginning of 20th century. In Paris it was Latvian dancer and publicist Aia Bertran who together with her husband – American artist, philosopher and dancer Raymond Duncan formed alternative education centre Akademia Paris on beginning of 20th century. The centre was know for its special reference to Ancient Greek philosophy, which promotes healthy living and hight ethics. Centre’s most known figure was Isidora Duncan - sister of Raymond which is known for her big influence on contemporary dance movements. Akademia was also known as a shelter for political and social refugees, as well as all sorts of imigrants like Aia herself.

    Refering to former ideas of equality and freedom by Akademia Dunkan, the work reflects on idea of cross-cultural, cross-sexual and humanitarian equality that is evident in any international environment that unites various minorities. It also highlights a need for socially engaging artist's communities which strives to find equality within artistic and philosophical gestures.

    Film by Ieva Balode

    Sound: Maksims Šenteļevs

    Actors: Artūrs Saļēpins, Žulijens Nuhums Kulibali, IDEAGNŌSIS dance group, Yulia Prokhorova, Junior Yussuf

    Voice: Selga Beņķe

    Shot in Latvia, Greece, Ireland

    Produced by: Latvian Centre of Contemporary Art, Latvian State Cultural Capital Foundation