Ieva Balode 1987, Riga

artist, film curator




Ieva Balode (born in 1987, Riga, Latvia) is an artist and film curator working with analog image. With her works she takes part in international exhibitions and festivals presenting her work both in installation, as well as cinema and performance situation. As a curator she is a founding member of Baltic Analog Lab - artists collective providing a space and platform for analog film production, research and education. She is also a director of experimental film festival Process happening in Riga from year 2017.



I am interested in human consciousness and transcendence within it. In my artistic practice I mainly work with analogue images - both still and moving. I am particularly interested in experimental image making in the lab and using those images to express concepts I create and live throughout my own life. 




2017. - Oberhausen Seminar, 63th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany

2011. – 2015. Latvian Academy of Art, Visual Communication department. MA. Latvia

2007.- 2011. Latvian Academy of Art, Visual Communication department . BA. Latvia

2009. Erasmus program. Yrkeshögskolan Novia, Film & TV department, Photo department . Finland

2005. Da Vinci program. Chenderit Arts College. United Kingdom

2003.-2006. Janis Rozentals Riga Art Highschool . Latvia 


Solo shows

2020. "Analog archeology" Interactive solo show. ISSP gallery, Riga, Latvia

2016."Invisible images". Solo show. Latvian Centre of Contemporary Art. Riga. Latvia

2013."Bez tēva/ Fatherless". Solo show. Museum of Photography. Riga. Latvia

2012. "Bez tēva/Fatherless". Solo show.Kandava art gallery. Kandava. Latvia


Group exhibitions

2020. "Atstatuvums". Online exhibition

2020. "Unexpected Encounters". The Great Amber concert hall, Liepāja, Latvia

2020. "Mycelia". Platform art gallery, Munich, Germany.

2019-2020. "Unexpected Encounters". Latvian National Museum of Art - Arsenal exhibition hall, Riga, Latvia

2019. Cosmic Existence. Unexpected Encounters. den Frie, Copenhagen, Denmark

2019. "No Routine Books". Riga Photography Biennial. Ziemeļblāzma, Riga, Latvia

2018. "Shared History". Art museum "Riga Bourse". Curated by Inga Lāce. Riga, Latvia

2018. Riga International Biennial Of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA). Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More. Curated by Katerina Gregos. Bolshevicka - former textile factory, Riga, Latvia

2018. "Glandula Mammae". P. Stradiņš Museum of medicine history. Curated by Jana Kukaine. Riga, Latvia

2018. "Wool and Silk.New Erotic" . Latvian Museum of Photography. Curated by Jana Kukaine, Rasa Jansone. Riga, Latvia

2018. "Portable Landscapes". Latvian National Musuem of Art. Curated by Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art. Riga, Latvia

2018. “Looking outside, looking inside”. Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre. Daugavpils, Latvia

2018. “Akademia: Performing Life”. Villa Vassilieff. Paris, France

2016. "Resilience. Secret Life of Plants, Animals and Other Species". Installation "Inivisible images". Бükü. Leipzig, Germany

2015. "Apzīmētājs" - Art Academy Graduation show. Installation "Inivisible images". Tobacco Factory. Riga, Latvia.

2011. „Survival Kit 3”. Gertrudes street 32.Fatherless. Riga. Latvia

2011 "Atgriešanās Tur, Kur Nekad Neesmu Bijis". Centre of culture. Short film Silence. Gulbene. Latvia

2011. „Tikko būs/Just will be”. Brivibas street 33. Loop. Riga. Latvia

2011. „Laika nav/ No time.” Turkish Embassy.Moon. Riga. Latvia

2010. „Pārmija/ Shunt.” Riga Art Space. One hour; Paldies. Riga. Latvia

2008. „Stādions”. LMA garage.Video installation. Riga. Latvia

2007. „Brīvais lidojums/ Free fly”. Artist’s workshop. Photography collection. Riga. Latvia

2007. „Garīgā Ķirurģija/ Mental Surgery”. Student’s club of Music academy.Photography collection. Riga. Latvia

2006 „Suņa sirds/ Dog’s heart”. Andrejsala.Poster. Riga. Latvia

2006. „10 Monologi/ 10 Monologues” Cesis exhibition hall. Self portrait. Cesis. Latvia


Festivals, screenings

2021. Harkat 16mm film festival. Mumbai, India

2021. My Significant Others. etc. galeria screening. Ponrepo Cinema, Prague, Czech Republik

2021. Ghostly Embodiments. D'EST screening, Kunsthaus Bremen, Germany

2021. Every Film is a Ghost Story. Baltic experimental film screening. U-Jazdowski cinema, Warsaw, Poland

2021. Riga International Film Festival. Short Riga, National competition. Splendid Palace, Riga, Latvia

2021. EFF Process. Baltic Experimental film programme. Nurme Brewery, Riga, Latvia

2021. when the light hits just right. Syposium and film screening. Vaasa, Finland

2021. Kinoskop festival screening. Cultural Center of Niš. Niš, Serbia

2021. Latvian Experimental film screening. Zumzeig. Barcelona, Spain

2021. Latvian Experimental film screening. Can Umbral, Barcelona, Spain

2020. Analogica. Experimental film festival, Bolzano, Italy

2020. Suspaustas laikas. Experimental film festival. Nida, Lithuania

2020. 2 ANNAS. Short film festival, Riga, Latvia

2020. Baltic-Nordic analog labs. film screening, Tromsø Art Academy,Tromsø, Norway

2020.Baltic-Nordic analog labs. film screening, Filmverkstaden, Vaasa, Finland

2019. Luminous Void. Experimental film festival. Cork, Ireland

2019. Kinoskop. Experimental film festival. Belgrade, Serbia. Audience award.

2019. AVANT goes Baltic. Expanded cinema performance and film screening. Kristinehamn, Karlstad, Sweden

2019. Nostalgia. Analog media festival. Malmo, Sweden

2019. Suspaustas Laikas. Experimental film festival. Nida, Lithuania

2019. 65. Oberhausen International Short Film festival. Labs section. Oberhausen, Germany

2019. Experimental film festival "Process". Film "Sisyphus Condition". Zirgu pasts theatre, Riga, Latvia

2019. KRAAK. Film "Equal Tense". Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium

2018. "Luminous Void". Film "Sisyphus Condition". New Theatre. Dublin, Ireland

2018. "Moscow International Experimental Film Festival". Film "Sisyphus Condition". Moscow, Russia

2018. "Counterpath. The Unseen Festival. Film "Equal Tense". Denver. United States

2018. "La Nuit de l'Instant". Film screening. Film "Equal Tense". Brittania Panopticon. Glasgow, United Kingdom

2018. “Panorama de films baltes”. Film screening. Film “Moccasin Flowers” and “Victory Song”, L’Etna. Paris, France

2017. ‘Tell me about the ones who sleep through storms’ a screening of films and videos from the Baltics. Toronto International Film Festival’s Wavelengths Series. Film "Victory Song".Curator: Erik Martinson. Toronto, Canada

2017. "Passing Through: We Are Not Done Yet". Film "Victory Song". Kinosaurus. Jakarta, Indonesia

2017.- “Staro Rīga”. Video installation “Dreaming” LU Botanical garden. Riga, Latvia

 2017. – “Unforseen” Belgrade International Experimental Film Festival. Film “Moccasin Flowers”. Belgrade, Serbia

2017. – BMW awards. RigaIFF. Short Riga programme. Film “Mocassin Flowers”. Riga, Latvia

2017. Music festival "Into The Valley". Video installation "Sisyphus Condition". Rummu, Estonia

2017. Experimental film festival "Process". Film "Mocassin Flowers". Kino Bize. Riga, Latvia

2015. "Zemlika". Video installation "Emergence". Durbe Lutheran church, Durbe, Latvia

2015. "Ezera Skaņas". Video installation "Dreaming Vol. II". Kāla lake, Latvia

2014. "Celebrating Transience" - experimental films from the Baltic states. "Silence", "Loop". Kingston, Canada

2014. "Mans Doms open air cinema 2. Shortfilm in Latvia." Video "...and to the dust we shall return". Riga Dome church yard. Riga, Latvia.

2013. Festival "Zabroffka". Video  "...and to the dust we shall return". Bialystok, Poland

2013. "37th Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt". Video  "...and to the dust we shall return". Weiterstadt, Germany

2013. Festival "FISH". Video  "...and to the dust we shall return".Rostock. Germany

2013. "Fresh From Baltics". Video "...and to the dust we shall return". Latvian Centre of Contemporary Art. Riga. Latvia

2013. Festival "2ANNAS" screening.Video  "...and to the dust we shall return". Berlin Lounge. Berlin

2012. "Baltic Shorts".Video screening.Short film Silence, video ...and to the dust we shall return. Kurt Lade Klub.Berlin.Germany

2012."Waterpieces".Video art festival.Video "Loop", "...and to the dust we shall return".Noass.Riga.Latvia

2012. "Zootropio" Short film and video festival. Various works presented.Experimental Best concept for "Loop",Experimental Overall Best for "...and to the dust we shall return". Porto.Portugal

2012. "Oslo Screen Festival". Video Loop. Oslo. Norway

2011. „Baltic Supershorts.” Baltic short film screenings. Short film Silence Liepaja,Ventspils,Kandava,Jurmala,Saldus,Valmiera, Valka, Daugavpils, Rezekne, Riga. Latvia

2011. „Cinema Tous Ecrans” Geneva international film festival. Short film Silence. Geneva. Switzerland

2011. „New Screen – New Castle” video art festival. Video Loop. Newcastle. United Kingdom

2011. „Positivus” Music and art festival. Video "...and to the dust we shall return". Salacgriva. Latvia

2010. “Athens video art festival”.Video installation “One hour”. Athens. Greece

2010. „Sleepwalkers” Poff film festival . Short film Silence. Tallin. Estonia

2010. „2ANNAS” Film festival. Short film Silence.  Riga,Latvia

2007. „Ahūns” Film festival . Video People in sundays. Riga. Latvia

2006. „2ANNAS” Film festival .Video Redzes defekts. Riga. Latvia



2019. Audience award at Kinoskop Experimental film festival for film "Comission". Belgrade,Serbia

2015. Special prize by NoRoutine Books and  Riga Photography Biennial for "Invisible images"

2010. Winner of Clear Channel Poster Awards „Clear Challenge” . Poster "Gads ir balts no abiem galiem,bet pa vidu zaļš". Riga. Latvia

2007. WHO (World Health Organization) Photo & Video contest.”Health and Environment”  Third place winner. Poster "Ko sēsi to pļausi/ Reap what you sow"

Collaborations/ Expanded cinema

2021. Smart Corpses. Expanded cinema performance in collaboration with sound artist Artūrs Punte, Opening of Contemporary art festival Survival Kit, Noass art centre, Riga, Latvia

2021. Seven Sins of Memory. EFF Process Pre-party. Nurme Brewery, Riga, Latvia

2020. Seven Sins of Memory. The Great Amber concert hall, Liepāja, Latvia

2020. Hypnos. Expanded cinema performance with sound artist Maksims Šenteļevs, White Night festival, Riga

2020. .Hypnos. Expanded cinema performance with sound artist Maksims Šenteļevs, Suspaustas Laikas festival, Nida, Lithuania

2020. Hypnos. Expanded cinema performance with sound artist Maksims Šenteļevs. Tromsø International Film Festival. Comissioned by Kurant. Tromsø, Norway

2019. Seven Sins of Memory. Expanded cinema performance with sound artist Maksims Šenteļevs,AVANT festival, Kristinehamn Museum of Art, Kristinehamn, Sweden

2019.Integratron. Expanded cinema performance with sound artist Maksims Šenteļevs. Āgenskalna market, Riga, Latvia

2018. Intermediate State. Vibration.Audio-visual installation during White Night festival. Collaboration with Viktors Keino, Anna Ķirse, Platons Buravickis, Sound Meccano, Oskars Herliņš, Linda Leimane,  Selffish, Ēriks Kiršfelds. Zirgu Pasts. Riga

2018. Atmiņas & Analoģijas (Memories & Analogies). Expanded cinema performance with music collective “Bērnu Rīts”. Latvian National Museum of Art. Riga, Latvia

2017.  Expanded cinema performance with Samara Lubelski and Marcia Basett (USA). "Skaņu mežs”  festival. ONE ONE. Riga, Latvia

2017. Expanded cinema performance "Victory Song" with Jelena Glazova for Experimental film festival "Process". Kaņepes kultūras centrs. Riga, Latvia

2017. "Moccasin Flowers" - super8 film with musician Orla Wren

2016. Expanded cinema performance with Claustrum in "Winter Solstice" event. Ģertrūdes ielas teātris. Riga, Latvia

2016. Video projections for "Eugene Onegin" opera play. Latvian National Opera and Balley, Riga, Latvia

2016. Music video for Mona De Bo "Spēles ar tevi" in collaboration with Ezera Skaņas.

2016. Expanded cinema performance "Victory Song" with Jelena Glazova for White Night festival "Parnassius Mnemosyne" event. KGB building. Riga, Latvia

2013. audio- visual performance with Lee Chapman for White Night festival "Subatomic Particles" programme. Totaldobže. Riga. Latvia

2013. audio - visual performance with Lee Chapman. Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs. Riga. Latvia


2021. Cameraless film. 16mm workshop at Contemporary art centre U-jazdowski, Warsaw, Poland

2021. Every Film is a Ghost Story. Baltic experimental film screening. U-Jazdowski cinema, Warsaw, Poland

2021. Director and programme curator for the 4th edition of Experimental film festival "Process", Riga, Latvia

2021. Screening analogue at the difital age during when the light hits just righ symposium. Online talk with Ieva Balode, Lāsma Bērtule and Mark Toscano in conversation with Mike Sperlinger

2021. Latvian Experimental film screening. Zumzeig. Barcelona, Spain

2021. Latvian Experimental film screening. Can Umbral, Barcelona, Spain

2020. Nida Photography Symposium. Presentation, film screening, Nida, Lithuanaia

2020. Silver Girls. Symposium of photography. Elektroteater, Tartu, Estonia

2020. Teacher of analog photography at ISSP school, Riga, Latvia

2017.-present Analog photogrphy course for Photography students of Riga Stradiņš University. Riga, Latvia.

2019. -2020. "Baltic-Nordic analog labs" network project leader

2020. 16mm film workshop at Filmverkstaden, Vaasa, Finland

2019. Cameraless 16mm film workshop. Arsenals exhibition hall, part of LCCA education programme, Riga, Latvia

2019. Cameraless 16mm film workshop. Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick, Ireland

2019. Cameraless 16mm film workshop. The Darkroom. Dublin, Ireland

2019. Baltic Analog Lab film programme in Labs section in 65. Oberhausen International Short Film festival. Programme curated by Vassily Bourikas

2019. Director and programme curator for the 3d edition of Experimental film festival "Process", Riga, Latvia

2018. “Expanding Cinema.Processes and Practices” NECS curated symposium at Porto University. Portugal

2018. Cameraless 16mm film workshop. The Darkroom. Dublin, Ireland

2018. Director and programme curator for the 1st edition of Experimental film festival "Process", Riga, Latvia

2018. 16mm film workshop at Moscow International Experimental Film Festival. Moscow, Russia

2018. .”Cinema Camp. Imperfect cinema”. Baltic experiemntal film programme. Salos, Lithuania

2018. “Panorama de films Baltes”. Film screening of Baltic films. L’Etna. Paris, France

30.11.2017. “Analog film and music instruments”- curator of Baltic Analog Lab film screening at 2Annas short film festival. Kaņepes Kultūras centrs. Riga, Latvia.

20.08.-26.08.2017. Head of super8 summer camp at Ezera Skaņas festival. Vestiena, Latvia

2017.05.30. - Film screening featuring Peter Tscherkassky "Outer Space", Holis Frampton "nostalgia". Riga Photomonth, Riga Film museum, Latvia

2017. Director and programme curator for the 3d edition of Experimental film festival "Process", Riga, Latvia

2017.03.01. - Lecture "Experimental film - from avant-garde till today". ISSP photography school

2017.02.16. - Lecture "Love and Death in Cinema". P. Stadiņš Museum of Medicine History

2017.02.04. Moderator at Diffraktion #7 of Labor Berlin film programme. Silent Green Kulturquartier. Berlin, Germany

2016.11.03 - two lectures "Experimental film - from avant-garde till today". Latvian University

2016. 09.10.. "Parnassius Mnemosyne". Audio-visual event withing White Night festival. KGB house. Riga, Latvia

2016. 19. - 23. 08. Super 8 workshop at Undīne house, Jūrmala, Latvia

2016. 07.30..  "Experimental film. Sub-genres" Lecture at Undīne house, Jūrmala, Latvia.

2016.07.30.  "Experimental film. From avant-garde till today." Lecture at Undīne house, Jūrmala, Latvia.

2015 -  2016. . Experimental film evenings in Kino Bize cinema. Experimental film screenings. Riga, Latvia

2016. 10.02."Analogue image". Artists talk, film screening with Karel Doing and Vytautas Juozėnas.  Latvian Centre of Contemporary art . Riga, Latvia


Factory of Collision. Publication in a book "when the light hits just right".Published by Filmverkstaden, Finland, 2021

"Oberhauzena. Pašiem sava valoda." Kino Raksti. 2017

"Analogie attēli". Studija. No 107. 2016

"Eksperimentālais kino šodien/ Experimental film today". Kino Raksti. 2016.


2021. Psihedēliskā pieredze ar analogajiem projektoriem. Interview by Lāsma Goba.

2017. "Monopols". Interview in LR1. Ingus Ulmanis. Riga, Latvia

2017. “Talantu Galerija” Interview in LR1. Justīne Savitska. Riga, Latvia

2016. "FK-Artist". Featured video interview. FK Magazine. Riga, Latvia

2016. "Invisibe Images". Featured work. YET magazine. Switzerland

2016.  “Latvian Photography 2016”. Featured work. FK Magazine. Riga, Latvia

2016. “Invisible images. Ieva Balode". 99 edition book. No Routine Books. Lithuania

2016. “Mirklis pirms miera”. Interview. Mārtiņš Eņģelis,Radio Naba. Riga, Latvija

2016. “Analogo mediju burvība”. Interview. Paula Lūse, Arterritory. Riga, Latvia

2009. “Tautiskā un cilvēciskā identitāte”. Toms Ķencis, "Fotokvartāls". August. Riga, Latvia



2018.- now - teacher of photography at Pauls Stradiņš Riga University, Department of Communication

2017. - now - founder and curator of "Baltic Analog Lab" Riga, LV

2017.- now - director, curator of Experimental film festival "Process" Riga, LV

2014. - 2016 -  artist at Ddstudio design studio , Riga, LV 

2013. - 2014. -  graphic designer at Guilty advertising agency, Riga, LV

2013.  - private assistant of Karen Mirza and Brad Butler London, UK

2012. - 2013. - assistant at waterside contemporary London, UK

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