I've been featured in series of FK magazine short video portraits. Watch more Latvian photographers in their You Tube channel

10. 09. 2016. Parnassius mnemosyne  - audio-visual event in White Night festival in former KGB building, Riga, Latvia. Curated by me and partners - Jeļena Glazova and Andris Indāns. Performing together with sound artist and poet Jeļena Glazova with freshly made 16mm film and slide performance

"Invisible images" published by Lithuanian independent publishers No Routine Books . Available here

I've been featured in this years FK magazine female issue 

Latvian Photography 2016 from FK on Vimeo.

MONA DE BO // SPĒLES AR TEVI from Ezera Skanas on Vimeo.

I was delighted to take part in annual Ezera Skaņas 2016 event as an artist for a second year already. This time with my super 8 camera. Here is the result of it - a film with one of the most profound musicians in Latvia - Mona De Bo hand-processed in my home lab.

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